X AI&BigData Congress

Our Foundation received an invitation to X AI & BigData Congress, which took place on 12th and 13th of March. The event was dedicated to artificial intelligence in the modern world. Thanks to the courtesy of MMConferences S.A. we could learn different methods of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and learn more about their future on the Polish market.

Thank you for the inspirational event that can be implemented in our projects.

Conference "Children in the Web. Safe and responsible use of Internet resources"

During today's conference "Children in the Web. Safe and responsible use of Internet resources "we have deepened our knowledge of the use of modern technologies and their impact on children and adolescents. It was very inspiring!

Workshops at the Primary School No. 293 in Warsaw

Next workshops are behind us! Today we visited students from Jan Kochanowski Primary School No. 293 in Warsaw and we talked about security in the web. We thank to classes 4d and 4e for joining the "Safer Internet Day 2019" campaign.

Workshops as part of the Safer Internet Day celebrations

Nowadays, threats are lurking everywhere! Also, in the web! By joining the campaign "Safer Internet Day 2019" we went to visit the students of Powstańców 1863 Primary School No. 30. Thank you, class 3 a, for the creative workshops on Internet security! You were wonderful!

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day - today we had the pleasure to participate in the conference organized as part of the celebration of this Day. This year, everything takes place under the slogan "Safer Internet Day: Let's act together!". It was very inspiring. February is a special month for us, because it is a time to promote responsible use of new technologies. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this initiative.

Multikino once again

On 22nd and 25th of January, we conducted another workshop as part of the "Intelligence in the Web" project on cyber security in Multikino. The students surprised us with their vast knowledge. Thank you for invitation!

Workshops in Multikino

On 5th and 7th of December, we conducted workshops for students in Multikino. The first workshop concerned the right to privacy in the age of the Internet - students from classes I-III took part in it. In the second class we talked about the specificity of the virtual world and how to deal with the threats that flow from using the Internet. Thank you all for participation and activity.

SuperDojo 2018

We were invited to SuperDojo 2018 organized by the CoderDojo Polska Foundation. We had the opportunity to present the result of our work on the Im2be application there. Thank you very much for the invitation!

3rd Birthday of the Foundation

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Today is the 3rd birthday of our Foundation. Since the beginning, we have already created a lot and we are still working on developing it all the time. We want to help children especially in the safe use of the Internet. We deepen this by leading workshops "Intelligence in the Web". We appear on Science Picnics and cooperate with Multikino. On the occasion of today's birthday, we also wanted to present the new logo of the Foundation. We would like to thank all those who support us! We hope that the next years will be equally fruitful as before.

Company technological tour

On 13th of June at our office, we had guests from 6th class from the Primary School in Brzóze along with their teachers. It was an award in the contest for the best presentation during the previously described Safer Internet Day (9th of March). We started the trip in the morning, when all employees were in the office. At the beginning, we invited pupils and teachers to the conference room, where Mrs. Joanna told us exactly what the company was doing, and additionally we invited the President of the Board, who talked about how the whole company works. One of the engineers led a complicated, and at the same time interesting, lecture during which he talked about technical matters. Then we showed the students around the office until we came to the so-called green links. There are technicians and engineers there, who showed the students how the phone and monitor can recognize faces. Kids were delighted. The next point of the trip was to show our server room, which also delighted the teachers. Visiting the rooms and getting to know the departments, we found ourselves in the place where the Marketing Department is working, who gave gifts to everyone with the new Intelligent Technologies S.A. logo. In the Legal Department, students asked our lawyers why there are stones on some desks. Next we went to the place where we started sightseeing. At the end we made a photo together. We were very pleased when we got a gift in the form of a photo of the whole school and a special thank you, which we got from director. We spent very interesting time together, we hope that the students liked it too.