Christmas party for children

Just before Christmas Eve, the children’s party took place Foundation’ s office. We started with a short integration play, followed by the demo version of our Im2be KIDS application. The children had the opportunity to test such functionalists as creating avatars or a sketchbook. Then, participants proceeded to the implementation of the mission. Missions, available in the Im2be KIDS, allow you to acquire and improve specific skills in given categories, as well as provide appropriate feedback, so that both children and their parents know which abilities need further improvement and which are perfect. The culmination of the event was the reception during which the snacks prepared earlier were sipped. Unexpectedly Santa came to us, who surprised everyone with his visit by distributing a sack of presents. After the party, children could still play board games and other quiet games, or play at Kinect, while waiting for working parents. However, instead, they preferred to join the world’s oldest fun, or “hide-and-seek” game, making the entire office full of joy for children’s cries. Merry Christmas!