Comic "Threats that can meet us in the Internet"

Performed by students from grades I-III from the Maria Konopnicka Primary School in Brzóze

On the occasion of the Safer Internet Day, pupils from grades 1 to 3 from the Primary School named after Maria Konopnicka in Brzóze did artistic works as part of our competition “Threats that can meet us in the Internet”. First, the works were exhibited at school, and then they decorated our office. Here ouremployees who voted for the best work. We chose three winning drawings.

We especially congratulate Aleksandra Jurczak from class II for the first place, Izabela Kulma from class I for second place and Adrian Kowalczyk from class III for third place.

Thank you to all students for the beautiful work!


komiks 2018 03 podium 1  komiks 2018 03 podium 3






ROBOTS made by students from primary school in Brzóze

As part of the Safer Internet Day, students from class IV and V made robots. At the beginning, their exhibition took place at school, then the work was brought to our office. We conducted a vote in which employees and the Management Board gave 3 votes for the best robots. We chose the best three:

1st place – Robot No. 4 – Łukasz Laskowski

2nd place – Robot No. 10 – Ala Mirosz

3rd place – Robot no. 24 – Mateusz Soliwoda

The choice was very difficult, congratulations to all students!

2018 03 Roboty podium