Christmas is a magical time of the year...

Christmas is a magical time of the year when we want to help others


This year, thanks to the donor - Intelligent Technologies and all employees of the Omega Group, we were able to help a large family from a small village in Mazowsze and an old lady who lives in the village near Mińsk Mazowiecki. Meet the families who received this help from us.


Mrs. Urszula is 65 years old. She has retirement - PLN 850 a month, her only income. This money must be enough to pay bills, buy food and medicine. Considering chronic diseases, i.e. diabetes and hypertension, Mrs. Ula devotes from 80 to 150 PLN per month for medicine. In addition, she has problems with the carpal tunnel and knees. Every day she buys only bread, once a week cold cuts and other basic products. The family is not interested in the fate of women, there is no help from them. She is ashamed to ask for help, even though she has been helping others all her life within her modest possibilities ... Even now, when her neighbor died, leaving the dogs, she feeds them, sometimes does shopping for a disabled neighbor. She is grateful for any help.


Parents - Małgorzata and Stanisław are disabled and bring up 3 daughters. The oldest 26 years old - Ania, Asia -18 years old and Agnieszka 15 years old. Two youngers are still attending school, the oldest is looking for a job. Parents make a living from a small farm and basic social assistance benefits. Despite their disabilities, they try to take care of their daughters and home. Two older daughters are also disabled. They live in a tiny brick house, which is not insulated, therefore it is cold. The house has a kitchen, 2 rooms and a bathroom. Everywhere is very clean and tidy. Householders said that they care as much as they can about the house, and most of the equipment they have got from people, including family and friends. The help they get from the commune is a food program every six months.


The best and biggest reward for us was a smile and thanks from families.



How to hack you?

We spent the Tuesday morning at Multikino Złote Tarasy. Again, we talked about cyber security - the topic of the lecture was "How to hack you?". This time high school students were our recipients. Thank you to all participants for the nice atmosphere, and Multikino for the invitation again. See you soon!