Children’s Christmas meeting

On Friday before Christmas, in the Foundation’s office, we could hear the joy of children who took control for one day – that was their time! The event has been prepared especially for the children of employees. Attractions have been adapted to each age category, toddler zone: 1.5-5 years, children zone: 6-10 years and teenagers 11-17 years. The little ones played with toys, on a tag, drew, made a Christmas chain, watched stories and of course visited working parents.

Older children at the beginning played an integrating game, then there was a lesson “Intelligence in the Web” and watching the film together. An interesting task turned out to be the mission they got to perform. They were divided into groups and drew cards, on which the name of the department or a person from the Board was written. Their task was to find a department or a person and interview them to learn what the departments or people deal with. This task in both children and employees caused a lot of positive emotions.

The oldest age group made interesting photos from which the presentation-pun was made. The task of adults was to guess the presented slogan. The culmination of the event was the arrival of Santa Claus, who gave presents to all good children. We are happy that we could spend this pre-Christmas time together in such a good way. We would like to thank Mrs. Agnieszka Mirosz for dessert.

Workshops „Intelligence in the Web”

We invite you to take part in the new project of the Foundation Intelligent Technologies! We run workshops for children aged 7-10 years, during which we teach the youngest users safe use of new technologies. Our specialists come to school and for 45min they run classes "Intelligence in the Web". The workshops are conducted in the form of fun, which allows you to quickly acquire knowledge. Our tools are only pencils and cards. During the classes, we check students' knowledge - usually it is extensive, but not yet well-ordered. The main goal of the lecturers is to present the benefits and threats of new technologies.

What do the classes look like? The leaders start by introducing themselves and telling about what our Foundation deals with, then there is a short chat with children about new technologies. Students often surprise us with the knowledge of various things on the Internet, they ask very interesting questions. The last part is a joint workshop and summary of classes. We are not revealing the details.

After finishing the lessons, the students receive small gifts from us. We also run workshops for parents and the pedagogical board, during which technical and psychological knowledge is transferred. At the meeting, the engineer from the company Intelligent Technologies shows how to secure the computer and its content, and the psychologist from the Foundation tells parents about the addictions of children from the Internet and how to cope in such a situation.

We cordially invite all schools to participate in our workshops. They deepen knowledge and teach you how to safely navigate the web, they are extremely valuable nowadays. Our children spend a lot of time online. We - adults - must show them how to use technological goods responsibly.

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