Contest "Threats that can meet us in the Internet"

At the Orła Białego Primary School in Jakubów we conducted workshops "Intelligence in the Web". We returned there with a map created by our specialists, in which we have posted a competition entitled "Threats that can happen to us in the Internet." The students created beautiful works during the winter holidays, which our jurors later evaluated. We rewarded all the work, because the level was really high! Congratulations to all students!

I place


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II place


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III place


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Konkurs 2018 02 Paulina Ziolo



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Konkurs 2018 02 Natalia Laskowska Macios 2

6th of February - Safer Internet Day - We create a culture of respect in the web

This is very important day for us. We organized an exhibition of primary school student’s works. These were works of children from primary school in Jakubów who took part in the contest "Threats that can happen to us on the Internet" and were also associated with the workshops "Intelligence in the Web".

Due to the fact that we participate in the SID initiative, we continue cooperation with the Maria Konopnicka Primary School in Brzóze and deepen students' knowledge about the Internet. There was also an exhibition of artwork and robots, handing out our author's posters and cyber-pads, all in connection with the Safer Internet Day - we create a culture of respect in the web. Soon we will return to school in Jakubów and Brzóze to reward students.


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