Safer Internet Day - February 9, 2021

On February 9, we celebrated another edition of the Safer Internet Day - this time online. We all spend a lot of time online these days. It's good to know what to do to stay safe online.

So far, we have had the opportunity to participate in person in conferences organized by the Polish Center of the "Safer Internet" Program, this time we also had to be present. 😊 The conference was broadcast from Elektrownia Powiśle, most of the speakers connected remotely. Safety of children online has always been important but now it is a key issue. Not only teaching children has moved to the virtual world, but also meeting friends and family and spending free time.

As part of the conference, meetings were held with specialists in various fields: teachers, psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors. Many aspects were discussed, incl. change in the perception of the virtual world by society over the past year. The psychotherapist explained how the current functioning influences the emotional development of young people. The topic of advantages and disadvantages of TikTok (application that is used by many young people was also discussed). Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę presented a short film entitled "The Power of Allies against homophobic peer violence". The conference ended with a short online jazz recital. 🎷🎺