Foundation Honor Roll

Foundation Intelligent Technologies realizes its mission thanks to the work of wonderful people. Since the beginning of the Foundation, many people have participated in its activities and cooperated in creating the first digital coaching platform for children and parents – Im2be.

We would like to honor all the people who have ever been involved in the work of the Foundation, we want their contribution to the Foundation’s activity to not be forgotten.

The current team and associates of the Foundation:

Ewa Geris – Chairwoman of the Foundation Council

Adam Wdowiak – Member of the Foundation Council

Gregory Geris – President of the Board

Katarzyna Waksmundzka – Member of the Board

Bartosz Jasiński – Im2be product manager, clinical psychologist

Natalia Mirosz – social media manager, trainer

Łukasz Zieliński – Front-end Web developer, technical consultant

Magdalena Siniłło – Weblify software development team for kids

Dariusz Prymon – legal advisor

Aleksandra Kaliściak – legal consultant

Ben Geris – President of Student’s Advisory Board

Daniel Bednarz – adviser to the Foundation Board

Justyna Kwil – Business Automation Process Officer, consultant

Jarosław Buszyński – IT consultant, hosting

Bart Jakubiak – IT consultant, hosting

Michał KośćCo-creator of WeAreToBe targeted at seniors

People who cooperated with the Foundation in the past, to whom we would like to thank for their contribution to our success:

Mariusz Czarkowski – supervision and technological consultation of the Im2be application

Alicja Gniewek – psychologist, creative development team for kids

Magdalena Kamińska – Leader of psychology, user experience and product development

Piotr Kochowicz BinarApps, software development team for kids

Joanna Kotek – psychologist, creative development team for kids 

Michał Łęcicki – Ruby on Rails programmer, Backend developer 

Irena Mydlarz – psychologist, creative development team for kids 

Adam PrzymusiałaBinarApps software development team for kids

Dariusz Stachowiak – strategy and marketing consultant 

Amelia Wdowiak – Member of Student’s Advisory Board, tester, actress 

Zuzanna Wdowiak – Member of Student’s Advisory Board, tester 

Piotr Wiśnioch – BinarApps software development team for kids

Maciej Zasadziński – BinarApps software development team for kids