Our Foundation had the pleasure to participate in the Science Picnic for the fourth time. This year, the Picnic was held on Saturday, May 11, and the theme was “Machines and us” The Foundation’s booth was located in the “Future” zone, and our task was to present inventions that change the daily lives of people.

We have prepared 4 shows for visitors:

1. Telephone of the past – the idea of this show was to present how traditional fixed telephony works. Our guests could independently connect using the local battery and hand-operated telephone. Thanks to the supervisors, they could also learn a lot about traditional telephony. The show enjoyed great interest.

2. Integrated communication – we presented the possibilities of VoIP technology and new solutions for fixed-line telephony.

3. New opportunities in the old delivery – visitors had the opportunity to make video calls between landline phones and could experience the compatibility of a landline phone with websites.

4. Creative communication – this show was prepared for the youngest participants – they could design and make their own unique phone. The effects of the work of our brave, small designers are presented in the pictures.

Our booth was very popular, which was a great joy for us. Thank you very much for the huge help and running the shows to our colleagues from the company Intelligent Technologies S.A. You were wonderful! We also thank all volunteers for their commitment and creativity! We are very happy to participate in the Picnic and we hope to meet again next year!