On 13th of June at our office, we had guests from 6th class from the Primary School in Brzóze along with their teachers. It was an award in the contest for the best presentation during the previously described Safer Internet Day (9th of March). We started the trip in the morning, when all employees were in the office. At the beginning, we invited pupils and teachers to the conference room, where Mrs. Joanna told us exactly what the company was doing, and additionally we invited the President of the Board, who talked about how the whole company works. One of the engineers led a complicated, and at the same time interesting, lecture during which he talked about technical matters. Then we showed the students around the office until we came to the so-called green links. There are technicians and engineers there, who showed the students how the phone and monitor can recognize faces. Kids were delighted. The next point of the trip was to show our server room, which also delighted the teachers. Visiting the rooms and getting to know the departments, we found ourselves in the place where the Marketing Department is working, who gave gifts to everyone with the new Intelligent Technologies S.A. logo. In the Legal Department, students asked our lawyers why there are stones on some desks. Next we went to the place where we started sightseeing. At the end we made a photo together. We were very pleased when we got a gift in the form of a photo of the whole school and a special thank you, which we got from director. We spent very interesting time together, we hope that the students liked it too.