Our technologies are intelligent because they rely on the “Power of Love”.  We believe that the mind and heart of loving people possess and have access to all the intelligence needed to help their beloveds learn and achieve or recover and heal. Our programs offer a hopeful person a new and simple way to start, involve the others who are needed, keep going and keep helping each other – focusing on those who need support most.  We are using simple ideas, well prepared, to help people do important things which are supported by their agreement with each other and love for one another.

“Power of love” guides us at every moment of our lives. Love is the beginning of everything. The “Power of love” has inspired us to create new, hopeful people technology that make life easier for everyone. That is why “Power of love” is the source of our product plan.

Why a tree? Because the tree is a symbol of life and durability. Love for people allows us to create something lasting, helpful for them.

Our tree consists of two parts:

 I AM TO BE – Coaching (asymmetrical relations) 

Our coaching products recognize a process of support has a junior and senior partner. This starts with parents in Im2be who take the role of a life teacher for their children, and next will or a friend who wants to support us in difficult moments and life problems. On this side you will find all the projects from the I AM TO BE group.

WE ARE TO BE – Partnership (symmetrical) 

There is also a big role for mutual support between equals which is like partnership or teamwork. It is a space that allows for mutual motivation and continuous development. People close to me become my driving force in everyday challenges, and I also want to be a source of inspiration for them. Such premises led us to the concept of We Are to Be.

We invite you to see our tree and learn about our projects.

If you have any questions, write to: kontakt@fundacjait.org