ROBOTS made by students from primary school in Brzóze

As part of the Safer Internet Day, students from class IV and V made robots. At the beginning, their exhibition took place at school, then the work was brought to our office. We conducted a vote in which employees and the Management Board gave 3 votes for the best robots. We chose the best three:

1st place – Robot No. 4 – Łukasz Laskowski

2nd place – Robot No. 10 – Ala Mirosz

3rd place – Robot no. 24 – Mateusz Soliwoda

The choice was very difficult, congratulations to all students!

2018 03 Roboty podium

Contest "Threats that can meet us in the Internet"

At the Orła Białego Primary School in Jakubów we conducted workshops "Intelligence in the Web". We returned there with a map created by our specialists, in which we have posted a competition entitled "Threats that can happen to us in the Internet." The students created beautiful works during the winter holidays, which our jurors later evaluated. We rewarded all the work, because the level was really high! Congratulations to all students!

I place


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II place


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III place


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Konkurs 2018 02 Paulina Ziolo



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Konkurs 2018 02 Natalia Laskowska Macios 2

6th of February - Safer Internet Day - We create a culture of respect in the web

This is very important day for us. We organized an exhibition of primary school student’s works. These were works of children from primary school in Jakubów who took part in the contest "Threats that can happen to us on the Internet" and were also associated with the workshops "Intelligence in the Web".

Due to the fact that we participate in the SID initiative, we continue cooperation with the Maria Konopnicka Primary School in Brzóze and deepen students' knowledge about the Internet. There was also an exhibition of artwork and robots, handing out our author's posters and cyber-pads, all in connection with the Safer Internet Day - we create a culture of respect in the web. Soon we will return to school in Jakubów and Brzóze to reward students.


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Children’s Christmas meeting

On Friday before Christmas, in the Foundation’s office, we could hear the joy of children who took control for one day – that was their time! The event has been prepared especially for the children of employees. Attractions have been adapted to each age category, toddler zone: 1.5-5 years, children zone: 6-10 years and teenagers 11-17 years. The little ones played with toys, on a tag, drew, made a Christmas chain, watched stories and of course visited working parents.

Older children at the beginning played an integrating game, then there was a lesson “Intelligence in the Web” and watching the film together. An interesting task turned out to be the mission they got to perform. They were divided into groups and drew cards, on which the name of the department or a person from the Board was written. Their task was to find a department or a person and interview them to learn what the departments or people deal with. This task in both children and employees caused a lot of positive emotions.

The oldest age group made interesting photos from which the presentation-pun was made. The task of adults was to guess the presented slogan. The culmination of the event was the arrival of Santa Claus, who gave presents to all good children. We are happy that we could spend this pre-Christmas time together in such a good way. We would like to thank Mrs. Agnieszka Mirosz for dessert.

Workshops „Intelligence in the Web”

We invite you to take part in the new project of the Foundation Intelligent Technologies! We run workshops for children aged 7-10 years, during which we teach the youngest users safe use of new technologies. Our specialists come to school and for 45min they run classes "Intelligence in the Web". The workshops are conducted in the form of fun, which allows you to quickly acquire knowledge. Our tools are only pencils and cards. During the classes, we check students' knowledge - usually it is extensive, but not yet well-ordered. The main goal of the lecturers is to present the benefits and threats of new technologies.

What do the classes look like? The leaders start by introducing themselves and telling about what our Foundation deals with, then there is a short chat with children about new technologies. Students often surprise us with the knowledge of various things on the Internet, they ask very interesting questions. The last part is a joint workshop and summary of classes. We are not revealing the details.

After finishing the lessons, the students receive small gifts from us. We also run workshops for parents and the pedagogical board, during which technical and psychological knowledge is transferred. At the meeting, the engineer from the company Intelligent Technologies shows how to secure the computer and its content, and the psychologist from the Foundation tells parents about the addictions of children from the Internet and how to cope in such a situation.

We cordially invite all schools to participate in our workshops. They deepen knowledge and teach you how to safely navigate the web, they are extremely valuable nowadays. Our children spend a lot of time online. We - adults - must show them how to use technological goods responsibly.

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Today we celebrate FIT second birthday!

We have been carrying out our mission for 2 years, that is, we strive to support children and parents in the conscious use of modern technologies!

This year, the premiere of our Im2be application took place, which we promoted during such events as the Science Picnic, networking meetings IMMOFINANZ and Internet security lessons in Multikino, or in Primary School No. 12. Ignacy Paderewski in Katowice.

On this occasion, we want to thank everyone who supported us (not only financially) during these two years and said that what we do makes sense! We also thank all children and their parents who participated in our events and infect us with their enthusiasm, fantastic ideas and shared extremely valuable advice.

Blowing out the candles on our birthday cake, we wish you 100 (or maybe 200!) years of equally fruitful work!

Don't forget to register on!

2 urodziny FIT

We teach safety in the Internet!

On 21st of June, at Multikino Złote Tarasy, we made educational workshop for children about safety in the Internet, and also showed how to use our educational application Im2be.

Over 100 students took part in the workshop. It surprised us how much children know about the internet, and it was also a bit worrying how much time they spend in the virtual world without any control from the parent.

We also organized a game for children. We divided all gathered into 6 groups, and then each group had to list the threats or benefits that flow from the Internet. Once again, the participants surprised us, because they had a great knowledge of Internet threats, such as viruses, hackers, viral games such as “blue whale”, Internet addiction, dangerous knowledge and content. Children knew much more about threats than about benefits.

At the end of the workshop we picked 2 children who were supposed to answer the randomly asked questions about proper online behavior. The kids dealt with this task perfectly.

At the end, we handed out stickers for children to stick the lenses of the telephone sets and wished them great fun while watching the film.

Lesson in Katowice. Subject: Child safety on the Internet and presentation of Im2be

The Foundation team undertook the implementation of another, not easy challenge – we started a series of lessons educating children about safety in the Internet. The first lesson in the series took place at Primary School No. 12 in Katowice on 12th of June. We were welcomed by children from the third classes who actively participated in our animations, although it cannot be hidden that they were already in holiday moods. The first point of the program was to introduce ourselves and tell about the profile of our Foundation. Then the students spoke about what devices they use and what they do on them. The responses we received exceeded our expectations, but the most frequently mentioned were: Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and games, including primarily Minecraft, The Sims and other logic games, races, Crossouts, etc.

The first game was the division of children into groups of 3-4 people, whose task was to write or draw Internet-related threats. The answers were: virus, pedophile, addiction, hackers, the possibility of unfavorable use of our personal data, loss of health or life caused by a dangerous game – Blue whale, advertising, inappropriate games and videos, links for adults or downloading illegal sites, then just a few examples. We collected all the answers and together with the children we explored their content. Then we decided to go to the next game, this time demanding a bit more commitment. With the help of the teachers, we chose eight people who approached the board, and then from our magical pouch drew cards with questions. After reading, the random person answered the question, and if it could not, then classmates helped her find the right answer. The following are the sample questions:

1. Using social media is fun! I can upload all my and other people’s photos there. I recently uploaded a photo of a friend from a trip, but he got angry with me. What do you think – why?

2. I have provided my personal information to a stranger on the Internet. Should I?

The responses were well-developed and justified, which pleased us greatly, as it testifies to the vast knowledge and awareness of children in the world of the Internet. Children also drew in groups drawings on the subject of “Security on the Web”, which can be seen in the gallery below. The last point of our lesson was to give children questionnaires on Im2be application and to get to know it deeper. At the end children got small gifts from the Foundation. Satisfied and with broadened knowledge about the Internet and applications, students began a break. The lesson was therefore rapid and intensive. We are interested in further results and experiences in meetings with students.


Drawings of students

21st Science Picnic

Our young foundation participated in the Science Picnic for the second time. The opportunity to co-create its 21st edition on 3rd of June 2017 was not only an honor and distinction for us, but also a hard work. Thank you for being there and we are glad that so many of you visited us! Foundation’s co-workers and volunteers – employees of ITSA company – conducted an exciting series of shows for 10 hours. The first point was to learn about the Earth from A-Z using our mobile application Im2be KIDS, addressed to the youngest participants and their parents. It was possible to implement a field game with its help already during the Picnic. Then children, teenagers and adults watched the show titled with interest. “Radio waves in the space around us – the invisible crust of the Earth”. Our specialists discovered the secrets of the radio spectrum and helped the participants generate additional disturbances, which were still a lot on the Stadium. We do not realize both how many waves and in what density saturation surrounds us. This is amazing! During the show, we could experience this. During the third show, we jointly denied the laws of gravity and exercised the power of the mind. The game consisted of using the waves produced by our brain – using a special band, and then the signal was sent to the device, i.e. the obstacle course. This position, gathered the largest audience of these small and large :). Children properly focused on this activity, were able to control the power of blowing, or raise the ball to a certain height. This kind of fun showed us and parents how much children can concentrate at a given moment and how distractions from outside affect their attention. Thanks to this training feedback, we learn how to focus on a particular task, and at the same time relax by having fun. This type of entertainment teaches you to use knowledge about your own concentration, the so-called self-regulation. Kids also had the opportunity to try to play the game without using a mouse or joystick. It’s all with the power of mind and the right concentration and peace. We are glad that you liked our new Im2be application and other shows. It was a real pleasure for us! We hope to see you next year!

Let’s meet on Science Picnic on 3rd of June

On 3rd of June, 2017, we invite you to the Science Picnic, which will take place at the National Stadium. We will be there. The watchword of this Picnic is EARTH. You will find out how much we know about it, its surface and interior? How do we use this knowledge? How do we care for our planet and how we destroy it? What can we expect from it? We are waiting for you from 11:00 at booth E1.

All necessary information can be found on the website:,O_Pikniku